Mr. Minikel’s 8th Grade Science Homework 2018-19

Wed./Thurs 5/1-2 Complete Pressure Lab by Next week in the block.
Tuesday 4/30 Pressure Problems due in the block.
Monday 4/29 Student Power Lab Parts 4 and 6 Due Monday 5/6
Student Power Lab
Friday 4/26  What is Work is due Tuesday 4/30
Resources:  Momentum
Newton’s Second Law Video
Momentum Resources
Acceleration reference
Velocity resources
Dimensional Analysis resource
Toy Car Lab
4/3-4 Speed of Toy Car Lab parts 1-7 (all) due Monday 4/15
4/2 Speed of a Toy Car Lab Rough Draft of Lab Report Parts 1-3 + Data Chart due 4/3-4
4/1  Speed Packet due 4/2
3/25 Rate Conversions due 3/23
3/17 Mixed Practice due 3/22
3/16-Conversions Day 2 due 3/21
Enter School Code
Have your students go to Moby Max Directionsand enter the school code il2879.

 No Homework from 3/6 until 3/15 Due to Chemical analysis of the White Powders Lab/Test.

2/27 Study Guide due Fri. 3/1

 2/26 Compounds/EMS/Balancing Equations Test 3/6-7 in the block

 2/25 Electromagnetic Spectrum Packet – Due Fri. 3/1

 2/24 Complete Single-Double Replacement Lab by the block next week.

 2/14 Balancing Equations Gizmo due 2/22 Friday.

2-5   Quiz on 2/12

 1/29- Complete Lewis Structures intro packet for Fri. 2/1  and Lewis Structures Practice for 2/4.

Compounds quiz is scheduled for 2/8  Friday

1/25- Complete Covalent Naming for Monday 1/28.

1/23/24-Complete Ionic Compounds sheet 2 by Friday, and Data Charts C and D of the Polyatomic sheet as well.

 1/22-Complete Ionic Compounds sheet by the block.

1/9-10  Test on Elements and Atoms will be next week in the block 1/16-17

Percent Oxygen Lab Report Parts 5 and 6 will be due next Friday 1/18

Percent of Oxygen in the Air Lab

Return Families Project Rubric with your name and period on it Fri. 1/11-


1/8 Remember to complete Families project by Friday.

1/7 Complete the three hand-drawn bar graph by Tues. Jan 8th.

12/19 Complete Families Project by the Friday 1/11 after break  + complete graphs in class 1/6.

12/18-Memorizations Quiz

Family Elements Activity

12/12-13   Periodic Puzzles- Due Friday

12/17 Three Periodic Trends due in block

12/8-  Bunsen Burner Lab Due 12/13-14   Fill in packet plus graph12/3-History of Atoms Project due- 12/10 Monday before the start of School-6:00am or before11/30-Atoms Quiz Study Guide Due Dec. 4/5.   Odd blocks due 12/4, even blocks due 12/5.                  Atoms Quiz Dec. 6 odd blocks,  Dec. 7  even blocks.11/27- Chemistry For due date moved to block, Nov. 28/29.   Read Forces within an atom tonight, Element Memorizations Quiz 12/18.  Subatomic Particles worksheet11/16-Friday-  Complete the Atom Model by Tuesday December 11th 7:20 am.  Bring in before school.11/13-Complete the Chemistry For Packet for Monday, 11/2611/2-11/9 Density Performance Assessment – No homework this week.10/24-25 Density of a Gas Lab-  Parts 6 and 7 due Friday Nov. 2Density of Gas LabPlease note that the links below are to remind absent students to come in before school to get data.  They are not likely to open.Period 1 Gas DataPeriod 2 Gas DataGas Data period 3Gas Data Period 4  Gas Data Period 6Gas Data Period 710/17- ItFloats, It sinks Parts 5 and 6 due in the block  10/23-24.   It Sinks it Floats Lab10/15   Remember to turn in any missing work by Wednesday 10/17.  Reminder: Liquid Density Lab Report Parts 5 and 6 due next week in the block  10/17-18.10/12   English to English Conversions are due Tuesday 10/16.10/10 Liquid Density Lab Report Parts 5 and 6 due next week in the block  10/17-18.  Remember to study for Friday’s Quiz.      Liquids LabHandbook10/5 Quiz 2 will be next week Friday 10/12   Study Guide Due next week in block.9/26 Water Density Lab:Complete parts 1, 2, 3, 4, hand drawn graph, 6.  Everything must be typed except the graph which may not be typed.  All of this is due next week in the block.  Suggested breakdown: Parts 1-3 by Friday.  Part 4 over the weekend.  Part 6 Monday night.  Check and Print Tuesday.  Turn in printed and stapled in the block.

Water Lab Water Lab

Lab Report Format

Lab Report Graphic Organizer


9/18-Study Guide due 9/21

9/14-Quiz on Process Skills/Density on 9/25 announced

9/7-Graphing Review due 9/14

8/24-  Study for Safety Quiz on 8/31

8/22- Pretest in class-  Whirlwind Lab due 9/7

8/21-Return Safety Contract and Min’s Guidelines signed by the block this week 8/22-23.

Links to help with the first two weeks!

Safety Contract

Student Handbook     

Min’s Guidelines 2018-19

WW Links Page

Mr. Minikel’s Homework 2017-18

Student Council Election

Rocket Time-  Rocket Packet due 5/31

Physics Test Retake Due 5/15

5/4 Complete Physics Study Guide for 5/8

Physics Test 5/9-10

Student Power Lab Parts 4, 5, 6 assigned 4/30  Due 5/7

Student Power Lab

4/25-26 Complete Air Track Gizmo by block 5/2-3, and complete Work/Force, and Power Practice by Mon. 4/30

4/24-Complete Momentum Problems for this week’s block

4/23- Complete Newton’s Second Law Problems in class.  Fan Cart Gizmo is due Fri. 4/27


Newton’s Second Law Video

4/20- Complete Newton’s Laws Questions for Mon 4/23

4/18-19 No Homework-catch up

Tues. 4/17-Study for Motion Quiz 1 in the block 4/18-19

Mon. 4/16-Complete Motion Quiz 1 Study Guide for Tues.

Fri. 4/13-Work on Motion Quiz 1 Study Guide

Toy Car Lab

Wed./Thursday   Science Assessment-ISBE   Motion Quiz 1 on next week’s block.

Tues.  4/10  Acceleration Practice Problems.

Mon.  4/9  Acceleration Guided Reading   Acceleration Guided Reading Textbook Access

Wed.    3/28 Toy Car Lab Report Writing Day

Tues.  3/27 Toy Car Lab Data Day

Mon.  3/26 Work on Toy Car Pre-lab – Procedure and  Data Chart due Tues.  3/27

Lab Report Format     Lab Report Graphic Organizer

Fri.  3/23  Speed with Conversions due Mon. 3/26.

Wed./Thurs. 3/21-22   Complete Graphing Gizmo  by Tues. 3/27.

Tuesday 3/20  Complete Mixed Practice for Wed./Thurs.  3/21-22

Monday 3/19    Complete Rate Conversions for Tuesday 3/20

Friday 3/16   Catch up. Complete Unit Conversions for Monday 3/19

Wednesday/Thursday 3/14-15  Complete Dimensional Analysis Gizmo due Friday for bonus.   Optional!

Tuesday  3/13Physics Pretest-No Homework

Monday 3/12-No Homework

2/28-3/1 No Homework until after PARCC.

2/26-27-Study for Test Wed/Thurs 2/28-3/1

2/23- Study Guide Work Day- Due Mon. 2/26

2/21-22-Continue working on the electromagnetic Spectrum Packet.    Due on the Block 2/28-29

2/16  Electromagnetic Spectrum Link         Due on the Block 2/28-29

2/14   Exothermic/Endothermic Lab Data

2/14-15 Fill out Exothermic-Exothermic Lab Packet by next week in the block 2/21-22.  Endothermic/Exothermic Lab

2/13-Complete Controlling Chemical Reactions by this week’s block. 2/14-15   Chemical Reaction Rate

2/12-Complete Balancing Day 1 by Tues. 2/6

2/9 -No homework

2/7-8 Complete Single/Double Replacement Lab by next week’s block 2/14-15

2/6   Complete Balancing 3 by the block and remember that the Ionic Bonding/Covalent Bonding Gizmo is due in the              block -2/7-8

2/5   Complete Balancing Day 1 by Tues. 2/6

1/30-2/2 No Homework-SPIRIT WEEK

1/29  Complete Ionic Bonding Homework Day 2     Ionic Bonding Homework Day 2

1/26  Complete Ionic Bonding Day 1 Homework in class today.  If not finished, catch up by Mon. 1/29  Ionic Bonding Notes  Ionic Bonding Homework Day 1

1/22 -1/24-25Study for Test

1/17-18  Atoms Elements Study Guide  Due Friday 1/19    Study Guide

1/16 Alien Periodic Table Due at the end of class   Alien Periodic Table

1/12 Catch Up- Quarter ends on Friday 1/19.  Elements/Atoms Exam next week in the block 1/24-25.

1/10-11 Percent Oxygen Parts 4, 5, 6, 7 Due Mon., 1/22    Percent Oxygen Lab Handout

1/8   Periodic Table Coloring

1/5           Catch Up

1/3-4    Families ProjectDue 1/10-11

1/2   Prepare for Memorizations Quiz 1/12 Memorizations   

Periodic Table Assignment due 1/3-4 in block   Periodic Table Questions

Lab Report Format

Lab Report Graphic Organizer

Wed./Thurs.  11/29-30     History of Atoms Project

Tues. 11/28 Diagramming Atoms due in the block.  Should be finished in class-Atoms Quiz 12/13

Mon. 11/27  SubAtomic Particles    Subatomic particles movie

Subatomic particles movie 2   

Atom Models Due 12/12

Tues. 11/14-17 Catch up on missing work.  No new homework.

Mon 11/13-Finish Density of a Gas Parts 5, 6, 7 by Tuesday 11/14

Fri. No School

Wed./Thurs. 11/8-9 No new homework.  If you have parts 5 and 6 done you are on target for success on Density of a Gas.

Tues. 11/7-   Continue where you leave off in class.  If Part 6 is done you are caught up.

Mon.    11/6-  Density of a Gas Due 11/14  Density of a Gas

Fri.  11/3 Catch up on any late work.   DPA Practice KEY

Wed./Thurs.   11/1-11/2  Complete Archimedes Principle Gizmo if not completed in class Tues.    Density of a Gas Due 11/14  Density of a Gas

Tues. 10/30  Archimedes Day 2 in class-  Gizmo should be done at the end of class.  If not done, complete by Fri. 11/3Work on It Floats, It Sinks Parts 4, 5, 6  Due in block 11/1-11/2   Archimedes Gizmo

Mon. 10/30  Work on It Floats, It Sinks Parts 4, 5, 6  Due in block 11/1-11/2

Fri.    10/27None -Quarter Ends at 2:40  Archimedes Gizmo Day 1 in class.

Wed./Thurs. 10/25-26 Work on It Floats, It Sinks Parts 4, 5, 6             It Floats, It Sinks

Tues. 10/24 Study For Unit 1 Test

Mon. 10/23 Study For Unit 1 Test

Fri.  10/20-  Grade Study Guide

Wed./Thurs 10/18-19 Study Guide for Exam

Tues. 10/17 Quiz 2 on Sig Figs/Percent Error, and Density

Mon. 10/16 English to English Conversions in class.

English to English Conversions

Liquid Density

Fri   10/13    No Homework      Complete any missing Lab Reports   Optional :work on Liquid Density Parts 5 or 6.

Wed/Thurs 10/11-12     Work 20 minutes on the Liquid Density Part 5- Due Friday 10/20.

Mon/Tues  10/9-10 No School

Fri.   10/6   No new homework       Catchup  Top Priority= Complete Study Guide if not done in class.  Due 10/13   If not in on time-Density of Water Lab  (hand graph, and part 5) is priority 2.   Study for Unit 1 Quiz 2  when possible .   Quiz 2 10/17

10/4-5-Complete Sig Figs 4 by Fri. 10/6        Sig Figs 3         Sig Figs 4

10/3-Complete Sig Figs 2 by tomorrow.          Sig Figs 2

Monday 10/2-Complete Sig Figs 1 by tomorrow          Sig Figs 1

Wonderful World of Sig Figs

Friday 9/29 Working on Lab Report Part 6 and Hand Drawn Graph-due next week in the block.

Wed./Thurs 9/27-28  Quiz  Density of Water Lab

Tues  9/26 No Homework-Study for quiz in block

Mon 9/25  No Homework-Study for quiz in block

Study Guide

Note: Mr. Min’s Homework will appear in reverse chronological order this year.

Mon. 9/18   Density Notes

Wed. Sept. 13th  Line of best fit

Tues., Sept 12th  Notes of Hypothesis Writing

Hypothesis Writing Practice


Mon, Sept. 11th- Variables Group                 

Fri., Sept 9th-Complete in-class assignment  Variables Key

Variables Notes

Variables In-Class Assignment

Whirlwind Lab is due Sept 8th.

Thursday-Tues.  9/2-9/5 No Homework

Wednesday, August 30th- No Homework

Tuesday, August 29th – No Homework

Monday, August 28th-September 1st-Study for Safety Quiz on Friday Sept. 1. We will be doing the Whirlwind Lab all week.

WW Links Page

WW Notes

WW Procedures

WW Student Response Document

Reflex Tester

Create a Graph

Friday, August 25th-No new homework

Thursday, August 24th-Safety Contract and Mr. Minikel’s class guidelines need to be signed by students and parents, and turned in by Friday, August 25th.  Bring pencil and calculator for Pre-Test-Pretests are not for points, they are to provide prior learning feedback.

Safety Contract   Mr. Minikel’s Class Guidelines

Student Handbook

Lab Report Graphic Organizer

Minikel’s Class Guidelines 2017-18     Min’s Guidelines

Mr. Minikel’s Homework 2016-17

Advisory Voting

Advisory Voting Form


Student Copy of Whirlwind Lab 2017New Whirlwind Lab

















     Electromagnetic Spectrum Resource

Polyatomic Exploration


Atoms/Elements Study Guide


Periodic Table info for Project  Periodic Table

Density of a Gas

It Floats Lab Handout

This site will contain information and resources for Mr. Minikel’s 2016-17   8th Grade Students

LabReportFormat 2016-2017 -Lab Report directions -Same as 2015-16 Lab Report Directions

Graphic Organizer for 8th Grade Lab Report

Homework by chronological dates:

Week 1

Unit 1 Pre-Assessment August 26th-Note that Pre-Assessments do not count toward quarter grades.  Safety Quiz announced for Friday, September 2nd.

Contents on Safety Quiz – Flinn Safety Contract and Room 308 Map of safety equipment.

Thursday August 25th- Bring #2 lead pencils for August 26th PreTest

Due August 30th-Safety Contract and Guideline Sheet Signed.

Lab-Safety-Contract          Min’s Guidelines 2015-16

Binder Organization Reference:

Binder Directions

Vocabulary Reference for Unit 1: Unit 1 Vocabulary

Friday August 26th- Unit 1 PreTest-Not for points.  Please do not study.  No homework for the weekend.

Mon.    August 29th – Paper Drop Lab Due in the Block Paper Drop Lab Handout

Study for Safety Quiz Fri.  9/2

Tues.    August 30th- Safety Contract signing and Min’s Guidelines signing due.  Complete Scientific Method Packet for Friday 9/2.  Scientific Method Packet

Study for Safety quiz Fri.  9/2

Wed./Thurs.  August 31st/Sept.1  Complete Variables Practice Worksheet for Tues.  Sept. 6th.    Variables Practice

Due to heat issues, Variables practice deadline is moved to Friday, Sept. 9th.

Sept. 7/8-Graphing Review including 4 computer graphs, 6 hand-drawn graphs, and questions answered on the packet. Due next week in the block, 9/14-15

Sept. 9th   Metric Conversion Packet due Mon. Sept, 12th.

Tue., Sept. 13th  Grading Metric Conversions in class.  No Homework

Wed./Thurs. Sept. 14/145Complete Percent Error Practice and Density Practice by Friday, Sept. 15th.

Fri.,  Sept. 16th Complete STUDY GUIDE FOR MONDAY 9/18.  QUIZ 1-FRIDAY SEPT. 23

Mon.,  Sept. 19th-No Homework

Tues. ,  Sept. 20th- Density of Water  Hand Drawn Graph and Computer generated -Critical Analysis (Lab Report part VI) due Mon. , Sept. 26th

Density of Water Lab Handout

Wed/Thurs, Sept. 21st-22nd Liquid Density Lab Report Parts 4, 5, 6  due next week in block Sept. 28-29.   All parts must be computer generated.

Mon.,  Sept. 26th- Sig Figs Practice Day 1 is due in the block Sept., 28th-29th

Tues., Sept 27th- English to English Conversion Practice due in the block Sept. 28th-29th

Please note: Sig Figs Practice 1 and English to English Conversion Practice may be finished in class on the day they were assigned.

Fri. Sept. 30th – No homework  for Tuesday, but Sig. figs day 4 is due for the block Oct. 5-6.

Tues. Oct. 4th  -No Homework

Wed./Thur. Oct 5-6- It Floats, It Sinks Lab  Parts 5 and 6 due on Friday, Oct. 14th.  Scientific Notation Practice due Friday Oct. 7th            It Floats Lab Handout

Fri. Oct. 7th- No Homework

Thursday Oct. 13th- Complete Study guide for Friday Oct. 14th.  Most students were almost done by the end of class, some were already done.  BINDER IS DUE NEXT WEEK IN THE BLOCK 10/19-20

Quiz 2 is next week in the block, 10/19-20.

Friday, Oct. 14th-Grading study guide and preparing for Density of a Gas Lab Monday.

Monday, Oct 17th- Density of a Gas Lab    Lab Report Part 6 due Monday, Oct. 24th.

Tuesday, Oct. 18th-Working on Unit 1 Exam Study guide.  Exam Study Guide is due Friday, Oct. 21st.

Wed./Thurs., Oct. 19th-20th- Quiz 2 in the first half of the block.  Exam Study Guide Time in the second half of the block.

Friday, Oct. 21st- Grading Exam Study Guide and intro to DPA

Monday, Oct. 24th DPA Day 1              Study for Unit 1 Exam

Tuesday, Oct. 25th DPA Day 2              Study for Unit 1 Exam

Wednesday/Thursday Oct. 26-27       Unit 1 Exam-No homework

Friday Oct. 28th – DPA Day 3  No Homework

Oct. 31st, Nov. 1st-DPA Day 4, Calculation Day  No Homework

Nov. 2/3 Atoms/Elements Pretest-Final DPA Calculations

Nov. 4 History of Atom Project and Atom Model Announced-History of Atoms Project Due Nov. 30th/Dec. 1st -Shared online   Atom Model-Due Dec. 6th before school.

Nov.  7- Complete Subatomic Particles sheet for Tues. , Nov. 8th

Nov. 8- Complete Diagramming Atoms for the block Nov. 9-10

Nov. 17 – Complete Bunsen Burner Lab for next week after Thanksgiving Break in the block  11/30-12/1  Just fill in the handout.

Nov. 30/Dec. 1- Complete Periodic Table Puzzles by next week in the block.

Dec. 2-    Complete Hand Generated Bar Graphs of Elements in Human Body vs. Earth’s Crust by Mon., Dec 5th.

Dec. 5- Complete periodic Table Coloring Activity by the block 12/7-8.  Reminder-Atom Model due tomorrow morning 12/6 at 7:20.  Reminder-Periodic Table Puzzles due in the block 12/7-8  Reminder- Progress Notes 12/9  so missing work should be in by 12/7-8.

Reminder Memorizations Quiz -Friday 12/9

Dec. 8th-Periodic Table Trends Day 1 and Periodic Trends Day 2 due- Mon. Dec. 12th


Dec. 12-13 -Complete Families of Periodic Table Assignment by the block-Dec. 14/15

Dec. 14/15- Complete Percent Oxygen Lab Parts 5, 6, 7 by Jan 6 .

Percent Oxygen Handout

Families Assignment

Happy New Year!

1/3  Complete the alien Periodic Table due 1/4-5 in the block

Study for Test next week in block 1/11-12

1/4-5 Complete the Study Guide by Friday 1/6  Correct the study guide over the weekend.

1/17  Complete Polyatomic Ion Assignment for 1/18-19 in the block.

1/18-19 Complete Polyatomic Online Activity for Fri. 1/20

Polyatomic Exploration

1/23  Complete Covalent Compounds Naming/Formula by the block 1/25-26

1/24 Complete Ionic Bonding for 1/25-26 in the block.

1/25-25 Complete Lewis Structures Practice for Fri. 1/27

Begin Studying for Compounds Quiz 1  Next week in block.

1/27-  Complete Compounds Quiz 1 Study Guide for Monday 1/30  Study for Compounds Quiz.

Quiz is Feb. 1/2 in the Block.

1/30-2/3 No New Homework!  SPIRIT WEEK!!!!!!


2/13  Complete Balancing Equations Day 3 for Tuesday 2/14  Started 2/7 in class.

2/13  Complete Electromagnetic Spectrum Packet by Friday 2/17.

2/13 Periods 2,4,6 Complete Paper Plane Packet by Friday 2/17.

2/17 Complete Controlling Chemical Reaction Packet and Worksheet by Mon. 2/27

2/22-23 Complete Single Replacement/Double Replacement Lab Packet by March. 1/2 in the block.

2/24 Complete Study Guide for Quiz 2 by Mon. 2/27

2/24-Exam announced for March 8/9 in the block.

3/1-2 Endothermic/Exothermic Lab due Friday, 3/10

3/3  Compounds Exam Study guide due 3/6

3/10-17 No Homework-  This is a great time to catch up on late/missing work

4/3-Graphing Gizmo Due Tues. 4/4, Dimensional Analysis Practice 1 due Tues. 4/4

4/4-Dimensional Analysis Day 2 due 4/5-6 in the block.

4/5-6- Rate Conversions due Friday/Toy Car Lab Planning due Fri. 4/7.

4/7  Toy Car Lab Report Parts 1-7 due Mon. 4/17.

4/10-20 No homework due. There is classwork, however.

4/1 -Complete “What is Work.” by Mon. 4/24, Complete Newton’s Laws Packet by Tues. 4/25

4/17-Complete Air Track Gizmo by 5/1

4/19-20 Complete Fan Cart Gizmo by next week in the block-4/26-27.

4/24- Begin Preparing for Final Exam- 5/10-11

4/26-27 Complete Physics Exam Study Guide by 5/8

4/28-Complete Student Power Lab by 5/2

5/10-11-Final Exam

5/11-the END  No Homework